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Flexible training on how to use evacuation sledges in care homes

Here at Benfield Fire Safety, we appreciate that staff training in a care home environment can be a juggling act. This is why we offer flexible fire safety training, including teaching staff how to use evacuation sledges to prepare them should the worst happen. We’ll even turn up on a Friday evening and not charge you extra.

Why are evacuation sledges so important?

Evacuation sledges in care homes are a key asset when it comes to fire safety and response. Residents can be moved out of the building either in a vertical or horizontal fashion. The sledge protects them from any bumps along the way and is easy for staff to manoeuvre.

However, the first time staff use this important fire safety equipment should not be when faced with serious or impending danger. Alarmingly, not all fire safety training providers offer this important tuition.

What does the training involve?

When we visit your care home to train staff to use evacuation sledges, we use simulated casualties. This ensures that all staff can take part in the exercise and benefit from a realistic scenario played out to the highest possible training standards. No-one is expected to act as the casualty and put him or herself at risk.

Whether you need evening fire training or sessions to fit in around different staff shifts, we can offer you quality training to meet your needs. Plus we won’t charge a premium for this.

Quality evacuation sledge training

Benfield Fire Safety is highly experienced in care home fire safety and works flexibly to offer clients support ranging from fire safety risk assessments to policy creation and fire safety training.

All of our fire safety trainers are ex-fire officers with more than 25 years’ experience in the fire sector. We work to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Care Home Regulations Act 2001 and also the HM Government guidance for care homes. Plus we are an IOSH approved training provider, qualified to advise care homes on evacuation chairs and sledges.

To find out more about our flexible care home fire safety training please get in touch with Benfield Fire Safety by calling 0300 303 3277 or emailing