With over 20 years’ experience, we keep people safe from fire using the latest technology.
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... a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment is absolutely essential

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We make it easy for you to stay safe and legal. Learn more about our cloud-based fire risk assessments.

Benfield Fire – Keeping you and your business safe with digital fire extinguisher training

No two fires are the same and the range of the types of fire is huge. This is down to the type of environment and what and who it contains – furniture, curtains, stairwells, wires, electrical goods, trip hazards, children, elderly, the vulnerable and the handicapped. You can begin to appreciate how complex the subject becomes. Add to this human behaviour and potential for disaster is considerable.

It is also important to remember that 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never re-open or close within 18 months. The consequences are serious – not to mention the potential loss of life.

Benfield Fire and Safety is a trusted fire safety company based in Hampshire with over 20 years’ professional experience focusing on fire safety training for businesses big and small. Working with clients from a wide range of business sectors, particularly care homes, schools and hotels, we keep people and premises safe from fire with an outstanding reputation for the quality of our training, which is:

Fire Warden Training • Evacuation Drills • Evacuation Training • Fire Safety Training • Fire Risk Assessments • Fire Extinguisher Training

Smoke inhalation

In the year 2016-2017 there were161,000 fires in the UK, 39,600 of those in dwellings. Many people wrongly assume that the prime cause of death from a fire is burning, but death is mostly caused by inhaling the toxic fumes produced by the flames so a good fire evacuation drill with proper planning is essential for a thorough, safe evacuation strategy with fire evacuation chair training that takes on board issues of low visibility.

We use the latest technology for fire safety with digital fire extinguisher training– a state-of-the-art LED fire simulator and digital fire extinguishers to recreate a realistic fire emergency wherever a real fire might occur. You and your staff tackle the ‘blaze’, getting real-time feedback to improve performance making it easy for you to stay safe and legal. Our fire risk assessments are easy to follow and live online, meaning you can act to decrease your fire risk and update your recorded risk level. This prepares you for any Fire Safety Enforcement Officer inspection and, if appropriate, enables you to manage multiple properties or businesses with ease.

Fire evacuation drills

At Benfield Fire and Safety, our unique approach to fire safety training uses a digital fire simulator with LED fire extinguishers to create a mock emergency in which your staff can act as if it were real – this creates an unforgettable experience, building not only their competence but their confidence too improving your chance of a successful outcome if a fire should break out. The digital fire extinguishers are used indoors and produce no emissions, so they are ideal for inner-city environments.

Digital fire training is one thing but at Benfield Fire and Safety, our instructors (who are all ex-firefighters) feel there is nothing like the very real experience of fighting real fire, so we also train with live fire for when your staff need to feel the heat of a real flame.

Findings from cases are updated all the time and we bring the latest insights to our knowledgeable training. Developments and attitudes change with the advancements of technology too and of lessons learned from these latest case studies so at Benfield Fire and Safety we pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with every single one of these developments and the lessons learnt.

Fire awareness

Remember, like water, fire is intelligent – it will find a route and only needs three things: heat, fuel, and oxygen. Our fire drill training will help you tackle, if appropriate, a fire but importantly show you the best evacuation plans. We don’t just advise on actioning, we focus too on fire prevention and potential hindrances to successful evacuation strategies like furniture and trip hazards jeopardising a safe exit.

Benfield Fire and Safety Training, Hampshire. Watch the two-minute video and, whatever your fire safety needs, please contact us for no-obligation advice on 0300 303 3277

Why Choose Benfield Fire?

Meet our founder and principle trainer Jason Sugden as he introduces Benfield Fire and our unique approach to keeping your business – and your people – safe.

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