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Fire risk assessments

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment is an essential audit that is tailored to the risks involved in your business. It’s a detailed review of how fires should be prevented, detected and contained, and how people would get to safety – very important for businesses that involve large groups of people like care homes, hotels, schools and other training centres. Your Fire Risk Assessment is your launch pad to safety and is required by law. Trust us with your Fire Risk Assessment – we have the experience you need.

Making a Fire Risk Assessment is a skilled job involving knowledge and judgement and is the basis for any fire evacuation drill. Our Fire Risk Assessors are qualified by the Fire Protection Association, the Institute of Fire Safety Managers and the Institute of Fire Engineers. Each also has a minimum of 24 years’ experience of spotting and dealing with fire hazards and creating effective fire evacuation drills. This means we take your Fire Risk Assessment beyond a box-ticking exercise to consider the risks other assessors might miss, keeping your business safe and legally compliant. With our fire risk assessments, it’s easy to stay safe and legal.

Choose Benfield Fire and Safety, Hampshire, for your Fire Risk Assessment and you will:

  • Be able to take immediate action. We’ll give you an on-the-day verbal report of your most urgently needed fire safety actions.
  • Have a clear plan to follow. Our written report will be with you within four days, and includes a checklist of actions you will need to take
  • Have support – we’ll go over our findings with you – you can call us anytime. We can also supply equipment and training for effective fire evacuation drills as part of our no-hassle service
  • Have access to your fire records anywhere – you can get these online. Your key documents are live online so you can access them in an emergency, even if you can’t get into your building
  • Keep track of your progress – you can update your records anytime to show the actions you’ve taken and any outstanding risks. This also makes it easy for you to liaise with local Fire and Rescue Service personnel.
  • Stay up-to-date – your key dates can be recorded in one place. We’ll also be in touch when updates and annual fire safety training are due.

Our fire risk assessments offer great value for money – our prices are competitive, so please contact us for a quote. We care about customer satisfaction and while we offer fire risk assessments, fire safety equipment and fire safety training, making things easy for you, we’ll never recommend anything you don’t need.

Benfield Fire and Safety Training, Hampshire. Any questions? Please contact us on 0300 303 3277 or email