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Fire safety policies

Creating fire safety policy – it’s an important job!

If you’re the fire safety manager for your business, you have a very responsible role. You must create a fire safety policy which covers:

  • how fires will be prevented
  • how fires will be detected
  • who would tackle a fire
  • how would people get to safety (Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans, or FEEPs)
  • evacuation plans for people with mobility needs (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans, or PEEPs)
  • what fire safety equipment and training to provide

These decisions impact your business right from the layout of your building to the roles of your staff, and it’s important to choose wisely. Over-prepare and you’ll waste money. Under-prepare and you could face a truly unbearable cost. We’re here to help.

Your fire safety policy: right first time.

We have over 20 years’ experience of designing fire safety policies, and the expertise to help you strike the balance between what’s ideal and what it costs. We’ve worked with businesses from a wide range of sectors such as residential care homes, private hospitals, schools, hotels, construction companies, airports, joineries, pet shops and many others. You can trust us to work with you to create a fire safety policy which takes account of your budget as well as:

  • The risks posed by your environment
  • The number of people involved
  • The capabilities of those people
  • Your legal responsibilities
  • The extent to which your business could keep running if your premises were damaged or destroyed by fire

We’ll help you consider questions such as “do I spend money training staff to extinguish fires, or simply to evacuate the building?” Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

It’s quick, easy and affordable.

If you’re struggling with fire safety decisions, don’t worry. Contact us for no-obligation advice. Our lead time from initial meeting to completed policy is around two weeks. We do all the write-up for you, giving you both hard and soft copies for easy storage and reference, and we can do the follow-up work too.

Proper planning is cheaper in the long-run.

• One Local Fire and Rescue Service was charging a school £450 every time a pupil set off a false fire alarm. We saved the school £1000s by introducing a short delay in the automatic call-out, allowing school staff to investigate and avoid the fire engines leaving the station when they weren’t needed
• One care home saved £1000s by switching to us after their previous supplier’s commission-based staff had sold them equipment they didn’t need


Contact us today for a no-obligation chat about how we can help you create the best fire safety policy for your business.