With over 20 years’ experience, we keep people safe from fire using the latest technology.
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Fire safety training | Fire risk assessments | Fire policy creation | Fire safety equipment

Competence and confidence in a fire emergency – that’s what our training delivers.
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Learn more about our fire emergency simulation training.

Fire risk assessments you can trust, kept up-to-date online.
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We make it easy for you to stay safe and legal. Learn more about our cloud-based fire risk assessments.

Benfield Fire - Keeping your Business Safe

We’re a trusted fire safety company with over 20 years’ experience.
Working with clients from a wide range of business sectors, we keep people and premises safe from fire.

We make it easy to stay safe and legal using the latest technology. Our fire risk assessments are easy to follow and live online, meaning you can act to decrease your fire risk and update your recorded risk level. This keeps you ready for a Fire Safety Enforcement Officer inspection, and enables you to manage multiple properties with ease.

We also take a unique approach to fire safety training, using a digital fire simulator and LED fire extinguishers to create a mock emergency in which your staff act as if it were real. This creates an unforgettable experience, building not only their competence but their confidence too, and improving your chance of a successful outcome if a fire should break out. The digital fire extinguishers are used indoors and produce no emissions, so they are ideal for inner-city environments such as central London, and for rainy days. We also train with live fire, for when your staff need to feel the heat of a real flame.

Whatever your fire safety need, please contact us for no-obligation advice on 01329 511995.

Why Choose Benfield Fire?

Meet our founder and principle trainer Jason Sugden as he introduces Benfield Fire and our unique approach to keeping your business – and your people – safe.

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