CQC steps-up fire inspections
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CQC steps-up fire inspections

Earlier this year, the Care Quality Commission gave a clear signal that it was changing its approach to inspecting fire safety in care homes. In a letter after the Grenfell Tower fire, Chairman Sir David Behan reminded registered care home managers of their duties in law, asking them... read more »

Evacuation Chairs: a Beginner's Guide

If you have a lift in your building, the chances are that you also need an evacuation chair. Using lifts in the event of a fire is generally forbidden, but you must ensure that all people – regardless of their mobility – can still exit safely in the event... read more »

Have you got this hidden fire risk in your ceiling?

A case study in trusting your gut! One canny building contractor working for a Hampshire housing association spotted some polystyrene ceiling tiles hidden in a ceiling void. Noting that they were in a bad condition, and thinking that the property manager may not know, he it flagged it up as... read more »

Acoustic Fire Door Retainers

One local Fire and Rescue Service has deemed them unsafe. Acoustic fire door retainers work with your fire alarm system to close doors when your alarm sounds. They’re handy, as they can hold doors at different angles, and don’t need to be hardwired into your building. However, we were working... read more »