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Fire Warden Course

Fire Warden Course - Who Needs To Take One And Why

Fire warden course; such training is essential for at least one member of your fire safety team. Your fire warden is responsible for preventing and containing fires, risk assessments, fire drills, and evacuations. Appropriate training helps them to undertake these responsibilities confidently and effectively. However, it is important to ensure that the training they undertake is compliant with current legislation and covers all aspects of fire prevention and safety that your fire warden needs, including evac chair training. This article explores the responsibilities of a fire warden and how to find a course that will allow them to carry out these responsibilities properly.

Fire Risk Assessment And Other Fire Warden Responsibilities

In an emergency, such as a fire, it is important to have one person that is in charge of containing the fire and where necessary evacuating individuals from the building. Where such a person isn’t appointed or hasn’t undertaken a fire warden course, confusion, fear, and panic can quickly take over, causing greater risk to life. Responsibility for this falls to the fire warden, but there is much more to the role than reacting in the event of a fire. One of the greatest responsibilities of the fire warden is fire prevention through risk assessment, routine checks and housekeeping. This means that if they see actions that are likely to result in a fire, it is their responsibility to challenge those actions and determine a better approach that minimises or removes the risk. On a fire warden training course, they are taught responsibility for evacuations in the event of a fire and liaising with emergency services in the event of a fire.

What To Expect From Fire Warden Train The Trainer Courses

A high-quality fire warden course provides your fire warden with the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to help prevent fires and to calmly deal with others in the event of a fire. Such a course should cover a wide range of issues relating to fires and fire prevention, including locating and extinguishing fires. One crucial part of this is knowing when it is not safe to undertake this action. Learning to brief the Fire and Rescue services to enable them to carry out their role as effectively as possible is also an important part of training. Fire wardens also have a responsibility to ensure that others know what to do in the event of a fire. Fire warden train the trainer courses aid fire wardens in learning how to train others within the building to better understand their responsibilities. Such courses should be a balance of theory and practical application of the skills being learned.

Benefit From A Fire Warden Course From Benfield Fire Safety Ltd

Whether your fire warden is new to the role or needs to update their skills and knowledge, you need a provider with experience and dedication. You will find this and much more here at Benfield Fire Safety Ltd. We have over 20 years’ experience in offering training in every aspect of fire prevention and safety. To book any of our courses, including a fire warden course, call us on 0300 303 3277. To learn more about us, the courses we offer, and how we can help your business be compliant with current regulations, visit our website at