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Fire warden training

Fire wardens are critical members of your fire safety team. They have responsibility for preventing and containing fires, and for evacuating other people from the building in the event of a fire with an effective fire evacuation drill. They need to be well trained to handle an emergency with calm confidence, keeping people safe from fire.

Our Fire Warden Course is for members of staff responsible for:

  • An effective fire evacuation drill
  • Putting out a fire
  • Liaising with the Fire and Rescue Service in the event of a fire
  • Evacuating others in the event of a fire
  • Routine checks and housekeeping to prevent a fire
  • Influencing others’ fire prevention behaviour.

Benefits of our Fire Warden Training

After taking this fire safety course, your fire wardens will know how to:

  • Locate and extinguish a fire
  • Evacuate others from the building in the event of a fire, including vulnerable people (as appropriate to your business)
  • Call the Fire and Rescue Service and brief them on their arrival at your premises
  • Isolate gas and electricity supplies to prevent greater escalation of the emergency
  • Conduct a roll-call of staff members, contractors and visitors at your fire assembly point
  • Understand their legal responsibilities for fire prevention, and health and safety at work
  • Conduct routine checks of the building and of fire safety equipment in order to prevent a fire.

The course is designed and delivered by our experts, each of whom has over 20 years’ experience of fire safety and is qualified by The Fire Prevention Association, The Institute of Fire Safety Managers, and The Institute of Fire Engineers.

During this Fire Warden Course, your people will:

  • Learn in a classroom setting, using pair work and quizzes to build on their existing knowledge of fire safety and fire evacuation drills
  • Play a role in a simulated fire emergency and get real-time feedback to improve their performance
  • Extinguish a live or simulated fire.

This Fire Warden Training Course:

  • Lasts four hours
  • Includes hands-on fire extinguisher training
  • Can be run on your premises when you have at least 12 delegates, any time, day or night
  • Costs from £40 per person.

Benfield Fire and Safety Training, Hampshire. Contact us now to book this course. 0300 303 3277 or email

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