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Fire Safety Awareness Training

Fire Safety Awareness Training

By law, all businesses big and small must train new employees in fire safety and fire evacuation drills when they start work, and refresh that training regularly – usually once a year.

At Benfield Fire and Security we know boring training doesn’t stick, so in our fire awareness courses we engage people in a simulated fire emergency where, using the latest LED technology, they put out a ‘fire’ using a digital fire extinguisher. This is realistic and engaging, and helps the user remember what they’ve learned in the classroom. We work with you to create a fire emergency based on the risks you could face in your particular business.

Our Fire Awareness Course is for:

  • New members of staff
  • Existing staff needing a fire safety training refresh
  • Those mainly responsible for their own fire prevention behaviour and self-evacuation.

Benefits of our Fire Safety Awareness Training

After taking this fire safety course, your employees will know how to:

  • Spot and avoid the creation of fire risks
  • Remove and report fire risks
  • Raise the alarm if they discover a fire
  • Show how to exit the building safely in the event of a fire
  • Put out a fire using the right fire extinguisher.

The course is designed and delivered by our team of experts, each of whom has over 20 years’ experience of fire safety and is qualified by The Fire Prevention Association, The Institute of Fire Safety Managers, and The Institute of Fire Engineers.

During this course, your people will:

  • Learn in a classroom setting, using pair work and quizzes to build on their existing knowledge of fire safety
  • Play a role in a simulated fire emergency, and get real-time feedback to improve their performance
  • Extinguish a simulated fire indoors, using a digital fire extinguisher, or a controlled live fire outdoors, using a real extinguisher.

This fire safety awareness course lasts 2½ hours, meets your legal requirement to train staff in fire awareness* and includes hands-on fire extinguisher training. It can be run on your premises when you have at least 12 delegates, any time, day or night.

It is also run as an open course for when you have a small number of staff to train.

*This course meets the requirements of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and costs from £17 per person.

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