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Fire extinguisher training

Fire extinguisher training

We believe everyone should be confident and competent to extinguish a fire, and this only comes with experience. If your fire awareness training from another provider didn’t include hands-on practice with fire extinguishers, this course is for you.

Fire extinguisher course description


During this course, your people will:

  • Learn to select the right fire extinguisher for different types of fire
  • Judge whether it is safe for them to enter a partially smoke-filled room*
  • Use a fire extinguisher
  • Extinguish a real or simulated fire
  • Get real-time feedback to improve their performance

*Judging smoke levels is part of the digital fire simulation.

We can run this course in two ways:

  • A fire emergency simulation within your premises
  • Using our state-of-the-art digital fire equipment, we create a ‘fire emergency’ for your staff to tackle.

Working in teams of two, your people feel the adrenaline of entering partially a smoke-filled room, discovering and putting out a fire. This memorable experience raises their awareness of fire safety and builds their confidence and competence like no other training. This version of the course can be run in all weather conditions as the ‘fire’ is set where it might really occur – inside your building.

A controlled live fire outdoors

Our gas rig enables your people to feel the heat of a real flame in a fully controlled and safe environment. Using this traditional fire safety training equipment, we can replicate a computer monitor or TV fire, a waste bin fire or a chip pan fire. Your employees tackle the blaze using a range of real fire extinguishers and a fire blanket, building their confidence and skills. This version of the course is run outside, so is best suited to dry weather conditions.

Our fire extinguisher training is for:

  • New members of staff
  • Existing members of staff in need of a fire training update
  • People who’ve done fire awareness theory but need the practice of using fire extinguishers
  • Those that have completed an e-learning or DVD course in fire awareness.

This fire extinguisher course:

  • Lasts 1½ hours
  • Can be run on your premises when you have at least 12 delegates, any time day or night
  • Is also run as an open course for when you have a small number of staff to train. Contact us about upcoming dates
  • Costs from £20 per person.

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