Fire evacuation drills
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Fire evacuation drills

If you’re a UK employer, you must carry out at least one fire evacuation drill per year. Stress testing your Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans (FEEPs) is what a fire drill is all about, and the more realistic the test, the more authentic the result.

Using our state-of-the-art digital fire simulator, smoke machine, and rescue mannequin, we create a believable ‘fire emergency’ within your premises to see how your staff members react under pressure. We video and analyse it, and report back to you with an action-plan so you can make improvements.

Contact us to discuss planning your next fire evacuation drill – we create the element of surprise!

Working discreetly with you or your responsible person, we plan the simulated emergency to look as realistic as possible. Every fire evacuation drill is unique to your business needs and premises, but would usually involve us setting a ‘fire’ using our digital LED simulator, and using water vapour and artificial smoke to activate your smoke alarm. After that, we work in partnership with you to see how well and how fast your fire wardens act to:

  • Locate and extinguish the fire
  • Evacuate the building
  • Account for staff, visitors and contractors
  • Isolate gas and electricity supplies
  • Gather the essential documents as if to brief the Fire and Rescue Service.

We can work with your monitoring station if your have one, and with the local Fire and Rescue control room, to ensure there is no unnecessary action or alarm as a result of the artificial smoke.

Since our fire evacuation drill service is bespoke, we can:

  • Recreate real emergencies from your sector
  • Take account of people with mobility needs
  • Make the drills different each time so your staff members don’t become complacent
  • Make the drills more challenging, e.g. by blocking an emergency exit.

We have over 20 years’ experience of running fire evacuation drills, so you can rely on us to give you a candid and detailed evaluation of your performance against your Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans (FEEPs). Our observations won’t be coloured by prior knowledge or expectations of your employees. You’ll get a clear action plan and a video record – as well as giving you a verbal brief on the day, you’ll get a full written report and a clear action plan. We also video the event and give you a copy. This gives a valuable second opportunity to examine your performance and a record of the drill. If you use our cloud-based fire risk assessment software, we will record your fire drill in the log book to reassure local Fire and Rescue personnel should you get a surprise visit.

Contact us to discuss planning your next fire evacuation drill and we’ll make an independent assessment of your performance

To book your next fire evacuation drill – costs from £200 for a two-hour exercise – call 0300 303 3277 or email


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