Our digital fire extinguisher training system
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Our digital fire extinguisher training system

Our digital fire extinguisher training system

We deliver memorable training using a state-of-the-art LED fire simulator and digital fire extinguishers. Using this training system, we recreate a realistic fire emergency wherever a real fire might occur. Your people tackle the ‘blaze’, getting real-time feedback to improve their performance. Digital fire training is realistic, dynamic, flexible and clean

Our innovative digital fire extinguishers look, weigh and operate in the same way as live ones, but they don’t create any mess so they can be used indoors. The simulator and extinguishers work together to deliver effective training. If used correctly, the fire will be extinguished. If not, the extinguisher will run out while the fire is ‘live,’ just as it would in real-life.

The LED fire can be set almost anywhere, meaning that:

  • The training happens where a fire could take place: in an office, a bedroom, a kitchen, a vehicle, etc. This makes the training effective and memorable.
  • Your people can be trained in any weather. They’ll be warm, dry and able to concentrate.

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Smoke goggles

In 2014-15, 40% of UK fire deaths were from smoke and gas inhalation rather than flame*. Learning to judge when it is safe to enter a room to extinguish a fire is a critical part of our training, as is learning how to operate a fire extinguisher whilst your vision is partially compromised by smoke. This is enabled by our smoke goggles. They:

  • Are dynamic, so the trainer can adjust the level of smoke to show safe and unsafe scenarios, and to show how well the participant is tackling the ‘fire’
  • Keep eyes and lungs clear of smoke since the effect is created digitally
  • Can be used anywhere, especially where a smoke machine cannot. They don’t create real smoke, and so avoid alarming people not involved in the training
  • Are fun to use!

*Source: UK government statistics.

Smoke generator

The best fire evacuation drills happen with an element of surprise. Working in secret with whoever has responsibility for fire safety on your premises, we use our smoke generator to set-off fire alarms, test your fire wardens and members of staff to see how they would react under the pressure of a real fire. This is a great way of highlighting weaknesses in the overall fire safety system, so they can be addressed and safety improved.

Rescue mannequin

Our lifelike weighted mannequin is used in our training scenarios to simulate an unconscious person in need of rescue. We have used it to train staff in care homes and hospitals to help staff learn how to get a bed-bound resident or patient to safety without injury. It can also be used to simulate an injured person in a warehouse, construction site, office, etc.

Who supplies our digital fire training tools?

Our training tools are from a company affiliated to BullEx, who make fire extinguisher simulators and the BullEx bullseye for the U.S. market (BullEx systems are used to train U.S. firefighters). To learn more about how we train using these tools, visit our training page or contact us.

Benfield Fire and Safety Training, Hampshire. Any questions? Please contact us on 0300 303 3277 or email customerservice@benfieldFS.co.uk